Is phone case dropshipping worth it?

Is phone cases good for dropshipping?3 min read

Are you wondering if dropshipping phone cases around the world is worth the time?

Is phone cases good for dropshipping?3 min read

I was wondering whether phone cases were suitable for drop shipping, so I set an online store up to give it a test. The results were excellent, but there are things I would do differently.

Summary: The setup

So I set up an online Shopify store for my phone case dropship store.

  • Picked a theme to help me get started. I found that by choosing a niche, I was able to target a selective audience better when marketing.
  • Chose a handful of phone cases to display in my e-commerce store from dropshipping suppliers.
  • Designed the store and launched.
  • I contacted a few pages on Instagram related to my niche. I paid a small fee to have them advertise my product on their page.
  • Along with Instagram advertisement, I placed some Facebook ads.

Last but not least, I had a secret weapon within my store to help me stand out from the crowd that took my store from $0 to $300+ in three days.

What makes people successful within dropshipping?

Dropshipping has been popular for a very long time. Today it is easier than ever to set up a store using Shopify and sourcing products using Alibaba. The ease of setting up these e-commerce dropshipping stores has helped many people start their own business.

However, since the broad appeal of dropshipping, the market has flooded with ‘entrepreneurs’ wanting to make a quick buck for themselves. I found that some people were setting up stores, making a few sales and once that store stopped generating income, closing up shop and looking for the next big thing.

I have also spoken to people who have opened up a store and had no success at all and closed shop never to return. All applies within the phone case dropshipping business too.

So what makes somebody successful when choosing to dropship phone cases? No one answer fits all. Everybody finds success (or not) in dropshipping in different ways. These factors can depend on your style, method and choices.

  • Are you ready to endure the risk of failure when starting a phone case dropship business?
  • Are you willing to experiment with what works and what does not work?
  • How much money are you willing to put into it?

There are many questions you should ask yourself before diving into the deep end of a dropship phone case business. The most successful phone case drop shippers have a plan. A rough outline of a method may include having a theme, marketing plan and execution.

How do I pick a phone case theme or niche to make dropship work for me?

Choosing a theme or niche when creating a phone case drop-shipping business is essential for new stores. Let us use the example theme of ‘Kittens’. I know that kittens are some of the most-watched content on YouTube, and people adore them.

I would then look into my theme to see whether it has an audience. There are three main things I would search for when validating this.

  • Who is my competition? For example, is it other small boutique stores or massive brands?
  • What phone case designs fitting my theme are there to offer when it comes to dropshipping?
  • Where can I find my audience? You need to be able to find the perfect audience for your phone cases.

How do I market my phone case dropship business?

Once you have settled for a theme, hopefully, you have done enough research on who your audience is and where you can find them. Let us say we found a social media page with high engagement for kittens.

I could try to contact them and post an ad for my kitten phone cases on their page. You want to make sure the audience is legitimate. You can generally identify these through likes, comments and shares, depending on the platform.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket when it comes to marketing your cases. You should split your budget amongst different influencers and platforms to find what works for you.

Launching my phone case dropship business

So now that you have a basic plan, you can build your phone case store. I find Shopify the best suited for this, especially when it comes to dropshipping. You do not want to spend a tremendous amount of time developing this store, in the beginning. The less time you spend creating it, the more time you have to source products, market and generate sales.

  • Shopify allows you to create beautiful e-commerce stores quickly. They also enable plugins like Oberlo to dropship products to your customers.
  • If you use Shopify, you do not need to worry about security as this is all covered by the platform.
  • You may want to consider choosing a name and buying a domain (website name) for your business. Using my example of kittens, it could be “”.

Set your store up and then follow your plan!

I set my phone case dropship store up, and here is what I would do differently.

When I set my phone case dropship store up, I went with a model that was semi-popular at the time which I call my secret weapon. The model was to list ‘free’ phone cases, and when the customer goes to checkout, they pay a shipping fee that covers the cost of the phone case. My ‘secret weapon’ meant having to source phone cases within a reasonable budget to allow a profit.

The secret weapon was more damaging than beneficial. It worked for me at the time because a free product was enticing, but it was not appealing to customers who got slapped with a $10 shipping fee at checkout. It leads them to leave the store never to return. I was essentially building a lousy brand.

I was fortunate to have gotten lucky with the marketing and was able to hit hundreds of thousands of views to my store, generating me $300+ in three days.

If I were to do it again, I would avoid the free product model and build a trustworthy brand. That will include having a theme and starting with phone cases at reasonably marked prices. I would ensure my top phone cases were appealing but not readily accessible in any market. I would market on multiple platforms. Last but not least, as the sales grow, I would look to expand into other products relating to my store and theme.

As long as you follow a plan, stick to it, dropshipping phone cases is still a good option today and in the future.

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