4 Reasons to start a phone case business

4 reasons to start a phone case business3 min read

Starting a phone case business can be fun, earn you income and is easy to start. Learn the four reasons why you should start a phone case business.

4 reasons to start a phone case business3 min read

There are many reasons to start a phone case business; the most exciting is perhaps the profit. There is also fun in design. There is fun in creating something innovative. These are four reasons you should start a phone case business.

There’s fun in designing and marketing.

When starting a custom phone case business, designers can enjoy creating whatever they want, without any limitations, on what they put on a phone case.

An artist can allow his or her creative juices to flow out onto paper or digital canvas. Allow your creative artistic side of you to go wild with ideas and truly create something individual.

Phone cases can be made unique and can carry a brand identity. Perhaps you decide that your brand concentrates on current trending memes, so you base some sort of fan art illustrations around it and print it onto phone cases.

You can then even expand, taking your illustrations, designs, and art and transfer it to canvases, posters, and t-shirts. The possibilities are endless.

When starting a custom phone case business, you want to make it yours. Make it unique. Make it something you only do.

Here is an example of something unique. Below is a piece of unique art. But you can spot the indications and connection to Super Mario, Mushroom, and Bowser. But nothing is copied from the original, Super Mario Kart, not even the names. Everything here is truly unique.

So remember when you start a custom case business, to make it yours. Own your design. The process behind design, art, and illustrating should be fun.

Designers could also get into the manufacturing and marketing process if they choose to. If your designs are eccentric, quirky, unique, you could potentially ask for a premium price for your brand. Yes, a premium-priced phone case.

Check out my market research on different tiers of phone case pricing.

Think about it, why do you think people would pay thousands of dollars for a designer purse that has the name ‘Louis Vuitton” on it compared to the same bag without the title?

Innovative phone cases

Be innovative. Is there a problem you’ve found in the market, perhaps with your phone or tablet that you think you can fix by innovating the phone case? Or maybe you have thought of an idea so good that it should go onto a phone case.

Whatever the ‘case’ may be (get the pun?), go for it. It can probably change your life. Here are some examples of people who added something extra to a phone case and made it different.

Prynt: This phone case turns your mobile device into a polaroid. It allows you to connect your smartphone, take pictures, and it then prints it out, lives, on the spot.

Prynt - Turn your phone into an instant camera

What’s more significant than having your pictures instantly printed out using a case? The company went further: creating an app which then allows you to re-play back the memory, embedded within the printed picture, using augmented reality.

Loopy Cases: A created from a family of entrepreneurs. After a father dropped his phone and had smashed it, he decided to buy a thin case, added two holes in it with some rubber.

It turns your phone into a ring, and you can save your phone from dropping on the floor.

Loopy Cases

The idea was so brilliant they went to develop it further, creating this marvelous creature of a case called the Loopy Case. The loopy case makes performing tasks while holding your phone much more accessible.

They’ve done numerous tests, including weight and tug tests, to prove the strength of the Loopy Case. Thus assuring the end-user, their phone would be better with the Loopy Cases.

Lighter Case: Check this case out. It turns your phone into a lighter and bottle opener.

I do not recommend smoking to anybody. However, this phone case can be used in survival scenarios too. Imagine yourself, stranded in a forest. Hours before anybody can get to you. Use the case to light a fire to keep yourself warm and make yourself more visible.

So think beyond the intent of the case and imagine what you could do with it.

I know loads of people who would love to be able to open bottles and light up stuff without carrying anything extra.

Lighter Phone Cases on Amazon

The Lens Case: For those photography fanatics out there, this lens case is incredible. It was built to protect your smartphone while enhancing the camera.

The lenses designed explicitly with superior grade glass has multilayer antireflection, and the HD lens reduces glass flare and ghosting.

It has four different lenses packed into one case so you can switch between them at your convenience and always be ready for the shot. The lens is also detachable meaning you can remove it at your satisfaction or be able to insert it into your pocket.

  • 180° Fisheye lens
  • 2x Telephoto Lens
  • 0.65x Wide Angle
  • Macro Lens

Phone Case with Lenses on Amazon

Being unique and making money

I understand not everybody is about making money, but at the end of the day, to survive and for a business to stay afloat, profit is essential. By starting your custom, innovative, unique phone case business, the possibilities are endless.

From selling phone cases to support your favorite charity to starting a movement, it can all start with a phone case business.

Also, take into consideration how big the phone case market is. You don’t need to limit yourself to just phone cases, and you can go beyond and include laptops and tablets too.

Did you know in the United States alone there’s a potential of 186 million customers for phone cases apart. Read more about my market research for starting a phone case business here.

It’s easy

Seriously, stop thinking about it and go out there and do it. Not sure where to start? Visit the resources page to see how I use print-on-demand to create income.

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