$350 phone case dropship store

$350 + in 3 days with a dropship phone case business3 min read

I’m going to go over how I generated over $350 with a drop-ship phone case business, in the first three days of launching my drop shipping store.

$350 + in 3 days with a dropship phone case business3 min read

I’m going to go over how I generated over $350 with a drop-ship phone case business, in the first three days of launching my drop shipping store.

Sign up to Shopify and get your 14-day free trial: Shopify.com/FREETRIAL

If you are new to dropshipping and don’t know what it is, it’s a straightforward concept and method of making money online. In a nutshell, you source products, and when a customer buys, you order the product to the customers’ address.

Quick Checklist

  • Sign up to Shopify
  • Install Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to your store
  • Buy a custom domain name
  • Install the 4 Important Applications to run your dropship store
  • Add the relevant/needed pages
  • Find your target market and niche
  • Finding products and trusted suppliers
  • Importing your products to your store
  • Customizing your store
  • Creating collections
  • Configuring the four critical applications
  • Marketing your Store
  • And last but not least – Generating revenue

Creating a phone case dropship store

I will be covering the following in this guide:

  • Creating a selling platform
  • Sourcing phone cases
  • Marketing and sales

Within the first three days of launching my dropship case store, I made over $350, and I’m here to share that success with you. I will go through the process of exactly how I achieved this and how you could do the same. Following the formula, I’m going to layout in the post today. If you haven’t already, watch the video above.

Setting up Shopify

After signing up to Shopify, the first thing you want to do is set up some tracking tools. We will be using Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics to track customers and retarget them later.

Follow the following steps as laid out to Install Facebook Pixel into your Shopify Store:

  1. Go to Online Store > Preferences.
  2. Open up / Log into a Facebook Ad Manager account.
  3. Create a new Pixel ID for your store
  4. Copy and Paste the FB Pixel ID into your store and save

Purchase a Domain:

By purchasing a domain name, your brand feels more professional and clean. The domain name will change your store web address from “your-name.myshopify.com” to “yourname.com”. A domain name can help your customers trust your website more and make them more inclined to buy.

  1. Go to Online Store > Domains
  2. Search for a domain name (preferably with the “.com” extension)
  3. Purchase a domain name

Shopify charges $14 for a domain name for the whole year. It’s worth every penny of it.

Sign up for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is essential to see who has been coming to your website and from where. You can use the data collected by Google Analytics to improve your store later and generate more traffic.

  1. Sign up for a Google Analytics account if you don’t already have one
  2. Input details of your store name
  3. When inputting your web address, give your domain name and change HTTP to HTTPS
  4. You receive a code once you complete registration
  5. Paste the code into the Shopify preferences Google Analytics field

Four must-have applications when creating your Shopify store

Shopify is brilliant for having a bunch of applications in its app store to enhance your store and boost revenue further. However, there are four must-have apps needed to make your phone case dropship store a success.

First up is the Oberlo app; this is a great app when it comes to dropshipping. Oberlo makes it easy to drop ship products from China, with minimum effort from your side.

The second app is Hurrify – Countdown timer. At $6.99 a month, you will make your money back and more using this app because it creates a sense of scarcity of your products. Scarcity in your store generates revenue, and nobody wants to miss out on a sweet deal that is going to expire.

One of my favourite applications, which I consider the most important, is the Abandonment Protector Plus. This app collects emails of customers who left their cart and sent them emails, reminding that they left their cart. About 90% of first-time customers don’t buy on their visit, so this app exposes them to your store multiple times leading to more sales. At $8.99 a month, this app is well worth the revenue it generates.

Last but not least is a free app called Sales Pop. Sales pop makes your store to appear busy by showing notifications of real sales to other customers. This app, along with the other three apps above, makes your store look wildly popular and urges customers to act quicker.

Picking a niche and target market

Scroll up and watch the video on how I created a phone case dropship store and made over $350 within three days of launching.

When it comes to picking a niche, there are a few things to keep in mind: popularity, market competition, and potential influencers.

Popularity: A niche being accessible is essential. It shows that there is a demand for that particular thing. But don’t pick a broad niche, you want to pick a niche, within that niche. For example, if you could choose the niche films, but that would be too broad. You can narrow it to animated films, then narrow that to animated kids film etc.

Market Competition: Who told you that competition is bad? Competition in the market is a great thing. It shows demand for that niche and that it is selling. The higher the game, the more the customers and the better the sales.

Potential Influencers: Every time I pick a niche, I always check whether there are potential influencers which I can use to advertise products on. I look for influencers of all sizes of followers from 10K to 1 million+.

Finding a supplier

When using AliExpress to find suppliers, it’s not safe to just use any random supplier. You want a supplier with high ratings and plenty of orders. A seller could have a high score with only one sale. Ideally, you want a seller with top ratings with hundreds of transactions. Also, check the reviews on the product to ensure the product you have chosen can be trusted. Sellers with a high amount of order show that they are capable of supplying and shipping goods.

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